Thursday, October 20, 2011

Antique Bed Restoration

A friend asked if I could reglue an old wood bed frame he had.  Old like circa 1850's...?  Sure, sounds fun. This is a cool old bed of mahogany, oak and burled walnut veneer.  Most of the veneer was toast so it was removed to expose the quarter sawn oak underneath.  The head board was in two pieces and needed regluing.  Well, the mortises were so full of old glue and previous repair attempts glue that they had to be chiseled out to full depth.  One of the side frames was cracked, and many of the pieces had just fallen apart.

Back of the reassembled head board.
Glued and pin nailed doublers so it does not come apart again any time soon. 

Side rail with loose bits


Backer for the cracked apron piece.

Starting to look good!


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