Sunday, May 23, 2010

8-0h Triple Stringer Fish (that's inches)

Mike's Wall at Palomar Chiropractic

My friend and neighbor, Dr. Paul Peters has given me some wall space at his chiropractic office in Vista.  His business is called Palomar Chiropractic.  Paul is a great guy and fellow surfer.  Many of his paitents are surfers and other sport types and he has done wonders keeping me (and many others) limber and in the water over the years. Eveyone seems to enjoy the variey of boards and fins that I display.

Eggy Redwood

7'10" x 21" x 1.5" thick and no rocker.  Made of redwood heart and sap wood with a ployurethane finish (no glass).  This plank rides pretty much like a regluar boards despite it's 25 pounds and minimum float.  It paddles good and I'm surprised at the drops I can make despite the dead flat rocker.  The fin is redwood, very thin and very flexy, hence the leash loop.  I don't think the fin would survive multiple beachings.  After a few sessions, I ended up hollowing out the deck.  This removed 3-4 pounds and lightened up the nose of the board considerable.