Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Mule Mods

The reshaping of the nose had good results.  But the trim point where it would turn was still very small.  I think a small bit of rocker may help, but I can't add that.  What I could add for some stability were fins.  I make some small keels and tried them in a couple of places.
 I tried keels on the tail.  I put a bit of toe-in to the keels and that acted like brakes, really slowing the board down.  I could turn, but the board really wanted to go straight.   
 So I relocated them up to where they would be on my simms style board, without the toe-in.  The braking effect was gone, but I had to be up near the nose to get a turn out of it.  
Fine, so now I'm going to try a small single fin in the center.  I'm hoping it will give my just a tad bit of stability in the tail.  I think that with all that sharp rail, it does not need much of a fin at all.  In fact, the addition of a fin was really to allow me to get an idea of how the bottom shape performs and then remove the fin.  

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