Friday, September 2, 2011

7-2 Mini Simmons Start

Two kids moved out, one off to college, moved into to a smaller house, it has been a busy year.  Despite that, this will be my second board of the year and probably the last for 2011 (who knows?  Therapy is Therapy).  I've been talking to John Cherry recently and that reminded me that I've wanted to build a mini Simmons twin for several years now, after seeing John's gorgeous balsa 10-0 replica and his cool smaller versions.  With a bit of guidance from John I started cutting wood today. I'm still happy with using the 1/4" Sandeply.  It looks okay, but it's light and a fast build.  I think I'll tint this one just for fun.  The milled wood next to the layout is (1) redwood 2x4 x8' milled for rails and blocking.  That's it....a sheet of ply and one stick of wood.  I'm am stoked about this one.  Here is the general layout: 

 And the nose blocking...

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