Sunday, December 26, 2010

Belly Slider Update

Got out on Christmas day with my son for a surf.  It was sunny and waist to chest high with some bigger sets.  I lost one of my vent plugs and ended up taking out the new belly board.  I was not sure how the pintail would work on such a small board, but it is really great!  Compared to the straight-sided tombstone belly boards, it is very loose and turns early on the face.  On bigger waves, I found I could carve up and down, just about hitting the  lip.  It was very fun, more so than the tombstone types because of the manuverability. The little bonzers do a good job, but really, to hang on in a steep section, I found I needed to really dig the rail into the wave face to keep from skidding off the wave.   It is a little slower that the tombstone type, but I got more rides right in the pocket and better barrels, so for my local beach break, it seems better.  And it is a little easier getting into waves and catching them earlier, given its wider width.  Overall, super fun for a variety of smallish conditions and a great break from conventional standup riding.  Definately be making some more!

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