Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ugly Stick 6 - Nearly Ready

Tuesdays update....
Here is the high-tech jig for routing out the fin dados.  Never though I'd use the old plunge router again!
First dado cut without mishap and along the intended line.
The fin is glued in the slot with a 4 degree cant.  The rears got a 3 degree cant.
Fins on.  Hooray! 
The fins will get more resin and shaping on the board now.
My signature epoxy leash loop glued onto the laminated top.  It will get several coats of resin along with the deck and become nice and clear. 
The tail block after the top lamination.  There is not enough curve in the top to get the effect I was hoping for, but it looks nice anyway.  Originally it was a square tail, but Rick March got me excited about a swallow tail, so here it is.
Son Andy shaping/attaching/finishing a set of plywood fins for his fish.  Nice job Andy!  Hey, don't break those fins.

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