Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Plywood Stick 4

Finally off the rocker table and planing down the top rails in preparation for placing the top.  I generally like to do this with hand tools, but I went all power this time, using the Bosch power planer and the amazing belt sander.  Very fast, but of course, it  is super noisy and messy.  Also, at this point I rough out the bottom rails, especially in the nose where the rail will be fairly soft.
Back on the table, all ready for the top.  Final check to make sure the top will lay fair across all ribs and especially at the nose and tail. The tail need some additional blocking in this picture.
The top is finally on, glued with Titebond III.  This part is best done with a helper, or at least a third hand. 
More PVC clamps in between the wood clamps.  I also used a few shims driven under the wood clamps.  A convex deck would have required more elaborate clamping along the rail top to get the top to curve. 


  1. Nice documentation Mike.... I never knew how much you put into this....awesome stuff

  2. Thanks Bill! And this one was an easy one!