Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Knee Update

I feel like I've turned a corner and am back on the road to becoming a whole functional person.  A whole series of events way beyond my control kept me from getting some guidance and physical therapy following my surgery.  The surgeon's post surgery instructions were pretty weak and did not give much guidance as to what level of activity might be okay.  After getting back home just before Christmas from some travelling, I felt pretty damn good and strong, so I started surfing.  Just short outings with a few waves.  Well, after a few days of that, I was not ready for that and my knee swelled up and I was in pain and I thought I had reinjured it.  Finally got hooked up with my physical therapist and with her help and a lot of dedicated exercise over the last month, my knee if finally looking normal and feeling normal.  My leg strength is building and with that I'm able to do a little  more every day.  I'm still not ready to surf...yeah I took a wave last Sunday and my knee wobbled around like it was held together with rubber bands.  But there was no pain or swelling.  So I'll still continue to go out and paddle and get my salt water fix.  See you all  out there when this swell dies down!

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