Monday, December 28, 2009

Still Recovering...

Happy holidays!  Back in early December my knee was feeling pretty normal...a little weak from inactivity, but it bent and there was no pain!  So I went surfing and took it easy.  Got a few days in the week of the 14 and even got a few overhead set waves from the swell that was coming through.  Awesome...I thought  I was back!  But no, too much activity for the old knee and it swelled up like a grapefruit and refused to bend much the following day.  Nice.  So after a week of inactivity and some PT sessions,  the swelling is  abating and I have most of  the movement back.   So I'm looking at probably a couple of months with no surfing and super light activity.  I guess I'll have time to do some more shaping.  

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  1. we are saving you some good ones Mike.... get out here !